Have a question about the circus?  Check these frequently asked questions to see if your answer is here!  If not, feel free to contact us!  

Q.  What is the earliest time we will be allowed to enter before each show time?
A.  Doors open 1 hour before each performance starts.

Q.  Do you accept checks or credit cards?
A.  No.  Because we travel year round we accept CASH ONLY for all transactions at the circus.

Q.  How long is the show?
A.  Each show lasts an hour and a half, sometimes a little longer depending on how much you applaud!

Q.  Will any of the artists, acrobats, clowns or show people be available for photos with the children before or after each show?
A.  Depending on the performer they may or may not be available.  Most have other duties they must perform to keep the show moving smoothly!
Q.  When are elephant and pony rides available?
A.  Elephant rides are available during intermission and at the end of each show.  
Pony rides are available before each performance and during intermission.
Elephant or Camel rides are offered before the show, depending on the amount of available space.
*Camel rides are for children only  *Elephant rides are not offered in Georgia due to current state regulations.

Q.  Although elephant rides aren't available due to Georgia law, will the elephants, or any other animals be
available for photos with the children, either before or after the show?
A.  Pictures with the Elephants, Daisy and Bumbi, are offered after each show, even in Georgia, for $7.00
each. Up to 5 people may be in one photo, or take your own group photo for just $5.00!

Q.  Why is Earhart's Globe of Death not at all Circus Pages Performances?
A.  Earhart's Globe of Death is sometimes booked at other events, and in some venues it is not possible to
safely perform the dardevil stunt show.