Circus Pages, produced by Jose Pages for over 25 years, has successfully drawn
from three generations of performing Pages to create a mesmerizing show for all
ages.  Originating in Cuba in the 1960's the world renowned Pages family has
progressed from it's initial talent on the flying trapeze, to its current array of
international animal trainers, daredevils, aerialists, acrobats, and clowns.

As one of the most respected names in circus entertainment Circus Pages has
appeared throughout the United States and Canada in conjunction with numerous
community sponsors, civic organizations, schools and many non-profit organizations.

Circus Pages is proud to uphold the continued tradition of wholesome family
entertainment, that has linked generation after generation of Americans and
Canadians together with a smile!
Our Animals on the Road & at Home

Our animals receive the best care around from
our international circus trainers!  Just like us, they
like to relax when they have the time and here you
can see Daisy and Bumbi taking advantage of
their private pond!  Circus Pages boasts
Elephants, Rare White Tigers and White Lions,
Dogs, Liberty Ponies, Horses, and Camels!

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